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Update Flash Cue Points with HTML5 and PopcornJS

I love creating web applications for clients who truly want to incorporate, and have practical use for, the latest web technologies. The constant opportunity to do things that haven’t been done and execute in ways that haven’t been seen sets my brain to ludicrous speed! On the flip side, the rate at which these technologies [...]

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AR: HD Video Playback

In this fun little app, we attach an HD video to a 3d plane and place it on the marker. The original idea behind this was to display an AR business card video containing company information, but the video test was so slick that I decided just to post it. I do realize that the [...]

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AR: 3D Logo

In this example, I exported a version the Mindelusions logo from Adobe Illustrator and imported it into Swift 3D where I set some scene and lighting settings and saved the 3d object. Using the FLARtoolkit and some pretty nifty setup classes from ARtisan, we can place the 3d logo model on the marker.  

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Titanium Developer Training Lab Winner

The kats over at Appcelerator recently rocked 3 straight days of hands on Titanium training which I was lucky enough to attend. During the course of one of these days, developers were asked to prototype out a fugitive tracking app for ‘todays mobile bounty hunter’, in a realtime training lab. This not only gives each [...]

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